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Guide To Creating A WordPress Plugin

Creating a wordpress plugin may seem frightening at first, but once you understand some basic principals and some php, you can create your first (simple) plugin in a matter of minutes!


Zombie Hand: Photoshop Tutorial

I have been asked several times over the years, “how do you do it?” and I never really had an answer for people. A friend of mine had suggested that I start documenting my creation process so that I can offer tutorials… Well, here goes!


FF vs. IE: 3D text comparison with CSS3

Designing with CSS3 can save you time & add a lot of visual flair to your websites. But not everyone will view the same thing. See the difference between internet explorer and firefox and learn WHY YOU SHOULD CHANGE!

Code faster with Zen Coding

Code faster. Save time. Increase your profits by use Zen coding. It’s a great, light weight editor plugin designed for quick HTML (and more) coding by using shortcuts. […]

Increase php memory limit for wordpress

[reap_page_titles] The Problem: [/reap_page_titles] If your a blogger and using wordpress on a daily basis you may have run into a virtual brick wall when you saw “Fatal Error : Memory Size Exhausted” … or some variation of it! [reap_page_titles]The Reason: [/reap_page_titles] This is generally caused by you host limiting the default memory usage for […]

Remove WordPress 3.1 Admin Bar

When setting up wordpress sites for our clients, we don’t always want them to have access to certain areas of the back-end, such as the widgets. Allowing inexperienced users widget access can destroy all of our hard work. With the help of various plugins we can limit “editor” level access to our admin area! This […]