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Good friends are hard to find!

As an artist I love when my work sparks interest and debate, but this is just… well…. It all started with a sketch on a cup of coffee that I uploaded to my facebook account. What happened next was a conversation that seemed to spiral in to the abyss.

My Mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Sometimes I swear know one understands me! I feel like I speak and I can hear the static in their minds as I ramble on about things that make sense to me and I realize they are only hearing “Bla Bla Bla”.

Merry Christmas from me to you

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends, old and new. To all my clients and colleagues, across the ocean and across the land. May your day be merry and your new year be grand!


Featured image: Poor Bunny

Some days you just don’t feel all warm and fuzzy! The initial idea for “Poor Bunny” was a cute bunny that would have been holding a heart. With a nice red background… Awwww how cute! Yeah, but that’s not really my style!

Saturday Night Fever

Ever wonder what I do on a Saturday nigh? Get drunk? Go to a club? Nah, not I guy! I have been updating so that you can have a seamless experience once this gravy train gets rollin’. Sorting through sketches and web stuffs for the new gallery (a small sampling can be found in […]